Facebook Freebooting Hack

Free way to Facebook Freebooting | Hacking Rights Manager

Freebooting is a sort of piracy, most commonly referred as downloading someone else's copyrighted material and uploading it to any other internet platform, often...

Hacking Facebook Pages

A security vulnerability in Facebook business manager endpoint allows a third party application to hack Facebook account page with limited permissions and the victim...
intercept android https ssl traffic

Intercepting Android SSL / HTTPS Traffic

One of the most important things in android application penetration testing is "Capturing Android application's HTTPS traffic". Reading HTTP traffic generated by android apps is...

Facebook Private Photos Hack – How I Exposed Your Private Photos

What if your private mobile photos got exposed publicly? All of us have the habit of taking photos using our mobile, in that, there would...

Deleting any photo albums – How I Hacked Your Facebook Photos

What if your photos get deleted without your knowledge? Obviously, that's very disgusting, isn't it? Yup this post is regarding a vulnerability found by me...