Spatial Audio and Bothie Camera: expected to enable Nokia 8 excel in the race of Smartphones

  1. Launch of Nokia 8
  2. Specifications
  3. What is Bothie?
  4. Pricing and expected release date

Before talking about Bothie, let us have a simple overview of Nokia and its latest Nokia 8. Nokia is recognized worldwide as the topmost ruling brand on the planet of mobile phones for decades. In spite of this fact, unfortunately the smart minds of the Finnish Telecoms behind this renowned brand took too long to eventually recognize the significance and popularity of the user-friendly Android technology dominating the world of Smartphones. They went on making Windows based Nokia Smartphones, which was ultimately found to be a bad idea and could not capture the expected popularity even by the large strength of fans who are head over heels in love with the trustable brand itself.The Windows based series of Nokia Smartphones being launched for several years ended up to be a big disappointment, yet the Nokia manufacturers took much longer to switch to the Android based Smartphones. As a result, when they initially started launching Android based phones in the market; they were unable to catch parallel attention as that of the rival companies’ Smartphones that had exceeded much ahead in the race. Overall, the brand Nokia was unable to grasp the factors featured by the top quality Android phones, which made them highly desirable products in the market of Smartphones.

Finally, the launch of Nokia 8 is a remarkable advent, launched with the hard efforts of HMD Global. The company itself, operated by the former member of the Finnish Telecoms, and the big fans of Nokia who still have great faith in the brand and have high tendency of becoming Nostalgic about the new Nokia phones in the market, have high expectations from Nokia 8. The Nokia admirers soon get diverted from the leading brand rivals of Nokia, such as Samsung, Apple and Huawei, with every new promising launch of Nokia Smartphones.

It won’t be wrong to say that the Nokia lovers have waited for long for compete able Android based Smartphones to be launched by Nokia. This Flagship holding Android handset is an attempt of HMD to rejuvenate the brand. They have high hopes from Nokia 8, which is a second attempt after the kick-starting drive commenced by the classic Nokia 3310, a featured phone.


High-end Features of Nokia 8 having great potential to compete the likable specifications of the Samsung and Apple Smartphones

The Bothie Camera

Recently, being much in the talks; it is an enhancement of the very popular ‘Selfie’ camera technology. This model has successfully employed the computational photography technology with joining hands in partnership with the Carl Zeiss, and therefore, is loaded with a back and front 13 megapixel camera.

We all know how the origin of a good quality front camera exploded the social media world in a new way. The creative change and the designing of many new Google Store Applications for the front camera have been very prominent over the recent past. Already people have been using the Selfie camera to capture moments every now and then, and make innovative videos to be praised by the people all over on social media. Therefore, Nokia is expected to get its competitors surrendered in the race via this leading feature called “Bothie”.

What is Bothie? 

Selfie is a photo captured using front camera. Bothie is a photo captured using both front and rear cameras through Dual Sight technology. 

Nokia 8 Bothie Cameras-dual_sight
Nokia Sample Bothie

As you can see in the image, it simply means both sides of a photo in a single frame.

Also Nokia 8 Dual Sight interface facilitates to share your live videos of both sides simultaneously (front and rear camera) to Social media like Facebook, YouTube etc.

The BodyNokia_8-design

Nokia 8 has a magnificent Aluminum body, which has a thickness of 7.9mm. This thickness seems to be a drawback for the model as it does not stand in line with the latest ultra-slim models of the competitors launched in 2017. However, Nokia 8 will look smart in the hands of the user, as it has a size of 5.3 inches, which will rather mask the repelling factor of its thickness. And, definitely there are many users too who don’t favor very sleek smartphones. Another, unfavorable aspect is a larger panel above and below the screen. This aspect is eliminated by the rivals like Apple and Samsung.

Audio Quality

The spatial audio feature of Nokia 8 is also one of its prominent features. It enables the videos to be played back in multiple directions. This technology has been adopted from the Nokia OZO 360 camera.

Pricing and the Expected Release Date

Nokia 8 will cost a moderate amount of $700 USD; it is expected to be released in the markets in the beginning of September, before the yearly Smartphone launching time of Samsung and Apple. The Nokia fans are excited for the much-awaited launch of Nokia 8.

With the release of Nokia 8, it is believed that the brand will be able to stand again soon effectively in line with the already recognized Smartphone rivals. Nokia is already a trustworthy brand name; all it needs to add now is a lot of publicity and pricing revisions of the soon-to-be launched Nokia 8. Let us wait and see if its specifications enable the model to become a game-changer.

Ben Wood, chief researcher at CCS Insights says to the much awaiting fans to keep hopes high and see how alluring the promising specs of Nokia 8 prove to be, and to wait and watch how capable this model is of diverting the consumers’ attention from the competitor brands. It is feared that the unfavorable features of Nokia 8 like lack of proper waterproofing and lack of wireless charging will again leave Nokia unable to compete the latest models offered by the competitors. Even cost wise, it is not an ideal and much affordable phone, as a larger ratio of smartphone consumers look for phones with a lower market cost value and enriched with a large number of specs simultaneously.

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